Consumers, customers and companies familiar with AOKE products are aware that in the past, all height-adjustable desk frames were delivered with holes in the legs.

Since the sale of the first frame, we have been busy improving our products where necessary. In this way, we have made various adjustments in recent years. Often, these are changes that the user does not see from the outside. We find it important to keep up with the wishes and the needs of the market. An important development that will be implemented in the coming weeks and months is that all our frames will be delivered without holes in the legs.

To make things clearer for you, I have added two renders of the same frame to this blog.The picture above shows a frame that has holes in its legs.These holes ensure that the plastic parts remain in the right place. Since we, our customers and the end user did not like this. We went looking for a way to produce the frames without holes. After a long process, our factory managed to produce the leg holes free!

On the picture above you will find an image showing the same frame without holes in the legs. Due to this development, our full range of desk frames will switch to hole free legs in the coming weeks and months.