1. New feature B2B shop: quick order!

    We have added a new feature to our B2B web shop to make the online ordering process even easier, faster and smoother!

    With the standard ordering method, for some orders it could take a lot of time to add all the products to the order. Therefore, we hereby introduce this new feature to add products to the order within seconds and place it easily. We call this the 'quick order' method.

    After logging into your verified reseller account you will find in the header right top, next to the standard shopping cart icon, a new shopping cart icon which will take you directly to the quick

  2. All frames will become hole free!

    Consumers, customers and companies familiar with AOKE products are aware that in the past, all height-adjustable desk frames were delivered with holes in the legs.

    Since the sale of the first frame, we have been busy improving our products where necessary. In this way, we have made various adjustments in recent years. Often, these are changes that the user does not see from the outside. We find it important to keep up with the wishes and the needs of the market. An important development that will be implemented in the coming weeks and months is that all our frames will be delivered

  3. COVID-19 & working from home

    Despite these gloomy times around the COVID-19 virus. Situations have also arisen that at first seemed impossible for many companies. One of these situations is working from home.

    Chances are that the workplace at home does not offer the same conveniences as the workplace at the office. The workspace at the office usually consists of health and safety approved desks and ergonomic office chairs. Nevertheless, it is important to have all the materials for a good workplace at home. But what products are needed for a good home workplace?

  4. (Height adjustable)
  5. What are the details to pay attention to when buying an office chair?

    What is a good (ergonomic) office chair? That is the main question in this blog item. The office chair is by far the most important office furniture. A good chair gives employees a pleasant place to work and ensures a more productive and healthier working posture. When a person sits comfortably, then they work better, longer and with more pleasure.

    When choosing a new office chair, it is important to know the following things; sitting time, type of work and the physique of the user.

    • Sitting time: the longer someone sits, the more comfortable
  6. Why choose a height adjustable sit/stand desk?

    The height-adjustable desk is becoming more and more popular. In some countries it is already the standard to use a height-adjustable desk as your workplace. In this article, we briefly explain why a height adjustable desk is so popular.

    Why do people and companies buy a height adjustable desk?
    The first companies started in the late nineties with the purchase of sit-stand desks. Sitting-stand desks are simply height adjustable desks that can be electrically or manually operated. In recent years, the popularity of a sit/stand desk has been increasing. The

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After having successfully improved working conditions in Asia for over four years, AOKE landed in Europe in 2016 to further promote healthy office environments across the globe. Armed with a rich catalogue of linear actuators, lifting columns, height-adjustable desks and ergonomic accessories, we aim to support employees’ productivity, while diminishing health risks. From our distribution centre in the south of the Netherlands, we serve dozens of suppliers all over Europe, swiftly and accurately.

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